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It's a Circle thing. It's the Women's Circle.

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It happens when you walk through the doors of 580 Crown St. on a Wednesday morning. It happens when you deliver supper to a new mom or gratefully receive a hot meal after your own delivery. It happens when you get pampered at an event, physically and spiritually.


It's that aha moment of belonging, it's that ahh moment of coming home. 


Whether we were born here or chose this neighborhood as adults, Crown Heights is our home. It's the place where our kids go to school, where we do our grocery shopping, where our husbands find their minyan. But as adult women, it's not always easy to find our own niche.


The Women's Circle was founded in 2012 as a setting of inspiration and community by the women and for the women of Crown Heights. Each week scores of women join for learning. Special programming before yomim tovim enhances the mother's appreciation for, and satisfaction in, each holiday. Topics such as bullying, postpartum depression, and mental health, are dealt with head-on. 


Our innovative programs and regular classes help each woman bring enthusiasm into her home. By strengthening her own home, she is naturally strengthening all our homes in our beloved Crown Heights. 

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