Why we roll.



"I was very impressed with the sincerity and devotion of these women to chassidishkeit b'chlal and to our Rebbe b'frat! What a blessing to have this beautiful group. May there be continued hatzlocho in each and every peulah.
I met the most wonderful, chassidishe, mesiras nefeshdike young ladies on the Shabbaton."



"I feel blessed to have met a beautiful side of Crown Heights. I am in awe of this lovely group of sincere women who support each other in searching for truth and in figuring out ways to implement that.  I am humbled by the huge strides taken by remarkable women to develop sholom bayis and chassidishe homes.
The Rebbe has real nachas from the ahavas yisroel so evident throughout the entire Shabbaton." 

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"Shortly after the Wednesday shiur began, I suffered from a very dark (PPD) depression. On the outside, I still appeared myself. But inside, I was hurting. It was so foreign to me, naturally being a positive and outgoing person. I cried and cried every morning when my husband left to work, and felt alone and vulnerable. One big factor kept me going: The Wednesday morning shiur. I knew I'd be ok while I was in the company of my newfound friends. I literally relaxed as soon as I entered the doors, as I felt secure in everyone's company. You can imagine why I made sure to attend no matter the weather! The shiur was my lifeline and helped me pull through. BH the depression lifted, but the friendships that formed with the admirable ladies of the Circle, are still strong!"



"The CH Women's Circle is a place filled with friends, with family, and friends who become family. It's a place built by the caring of kind hands, keen minds, warm hearts, and generous souls. It's a place that becomes home to all who enter, empowering and nourishing both body and soul. To me, the Women's Circle is an exercise in the personification of every Chossid's motto: Az men iz tzugebunden oyf oiben falt men nisht oyf unten - If one is tied up above, he will not fall below."



"I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoy the mother-daughter learning. In our busy lives, it is very difficult to manage an hour of Mommy and daughter alone time. Yesterday, Shoshana came home after the program and said, "I was waiting all day for this!" She really had been; counting down the days since the beginning of the week. Thank you for all the incredible work you do for this community!"

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"My week consists of Shabbos and Wednesday. Without both of them, it's not complete."