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Here are a few minutes. Take them.

RIDING THE WAVES Noach 5780 Teiva, ark, can also translate as “word.” We’re flooded with troubles that disturb our spiritualavoda. It’s part of life. But how can we overcome them? We need to enter the teiva. Merely saying the words of Torah and tefillah is not enough; we need to actually get into them. Technology can be a valuable, wide-reaching tool for spreading Torah, but it is also a powerful distraction from entering the teiva. This week’s dvar Torah is intentionally shorter than usual. Perhaps the minutes saved can be used to think of practical ways to minimize the time we spend surfing the waves of the internet and accelerate our entry into the teiva. This will empower us to ride the waves of life, allowing them to lift us rather than drag us under.[1] Good Shabbos, Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier [1] See Torah Ohr dibur hamaschil Maim Rabim, and Likutei Sichos vol. 1 parshas Noach.


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